Malagò with the athletes at the Quirinale Palace for the school year inauguration


Immagine1CONI President Giovanni Malagò has lead an Italian delegation at the school year inauguration at the Quirinale Palace, with the President of Italy attending.

Together with Malagò there were CONI General Secretary Roberto Fabbricini, Vice Secretary Carlo Mornati, Italian Paraolympic Committee President Luca Pancalli, General Secretary Marco Giunio De Sanctis, and athletes Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallapè (diving), Rossella Fiamingo and Arianna Errigo (fencing), Vanessa Ferrari (gymnastics), Genny Pagliaro (weightlifting), Gregorio Paltrinieri (swimming), Marco Belinelli (basketball), Armin Zoeggeler (sledge), Daniele Meucci (athletics), Bebe Vio and Marco Coluccini (Paraolympic fencing and archery, respectively).

The athletes have been called to the stage during Rai live broadcasting of Tutti a scuola, presented by Fabrizio Frizzi, to tell about the secrets of their enterprises after a triumphal summer characterized by Italian victories at European and World Championships. President Malagò has reminded the importance of interaction between the world of sport and that of school, also considering the "Sport di classe" ("Class sport") project recently introduced with MIUR, with the key participation of the Prime Minister Office: "Small champions are born in school institutes. Pietro Mennea was discovered at school and therefore we are in search of new Menneas. School must teach sport. Sport culture makes Italy a winner. Athletes are people who are not only participating in a sport competition but they must be also an example for everyone." Luca Pancalli, CIP President, has underlined the relevance of athletes' victories. "This is Italy that works. Sport school is for a country that can dream."