Bronze sculptures by Bellini in Stadio dei Marmi restored. Malagò and Miglietta "Proud of this operation"


BronziFollowing the conclusion of their restoration, the two large bronze sculptures of wrestlers by Aroldo Bellini located on the stands of Stadio dei Marmi were presented this afternoon right in the stadium. The conservation intervention was logistically curated by Coni Servizi and was realized thanks to the cooperation between the Soprintendenza Speciale PSAE and Polo Museale of the city of Rome [Special Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritage and the Museums of Rome] and the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro [Superior Institute for Conservation and Restoration], which also funded the intervention aimed to improve the poor conditions of the two sculptures, mainly caused by the corrosion of bronze and the alteration of protective coatings.


The President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, attended the event with the CEO of Coni Servizi, Alberto Miglietta, and the representatives of the other institutions involved. In two months of work (July and September), the technicians of the ISCR worksite school carried out a methodology of action specifically required to remove atmospheric deposits, black crusts and green corrosion spots, as well as numerous man-made damages such as graffiti.


Malagò, who was invited to unveil the bronze sculpture depicting Greco-Roman Wrestling and then the one representing Freestyle Wrestling, asked the students of the ISCR, the President of the FCI, Renato Di Rocco, and the President of the Italian Fair Play Committee, Ruggero Alcanterini, to join him during the revealing. "We are proud of this intervention that shows how CONI does not worry about winning medals only, but is also committed to developing a range of social intervention, showing a remarkable sensitivity also on the issue of the enhancement of Parco del Foro Italico".


On the other hand, technical and formal details of this important initiative were analyzed at Circolo del Tennis. The CEO of Coni Servizi, Alberto Miglietta, hosted the meeting and expressed the satisfaction of his company on this intervention, which gives prestige to Italian sport. "This shows how public structures such as CONI, Coni Servizi, Soprintendenza Speciale PSAE and Polo Museale of the city of Rome and the ISCR can create a synergy to enact extraordinary actions as the restoration of these masterpieces by Bellini". Miglietta, who also praised the work of Paolo Pedrinelli of Beni Storici Coni Servizi, proceeded then to reward each student of the ISCR worksite school (Giacomo, Martina, Silvia, Fiamma e Giulia) with an Italian Olympic Team EA7 shirt.


Daniela Porro, Superintendent of the Soprintendenza Speciale PSAE and Polo Museale of the city of Rome, illustrated the interventions planned for the coming years in Parco del Foro Italico, starting with the restoration of the bronze sculptures. "We welcome the recovery of this work, a sculpture made in 1932 by the great artist Bellini, as a symbol of operational tutelage of the action brought forth in Parco del Foro Italico". The Officer Art Historian for the Soprintendenza Speciale, Adriana Capriotti, also attended the meeting. The Director of ISCR, Gisella Capponi, explained the stages of the operation. "When we received this request we welcomed it hesitantly due to the limited time and the conditions of the statues. We are pleased with the results and the second year students' work". The ISCR were also represented by the supervisors Laura D’Agostino and Donatella Cavezzali, together with the professors Vilma Basilissi and Paola Donati, who illustrated the technical aspects of the intervention explaining its various stages.