President Malagò included in the Public Affairs and Sport Social Development Committee


Bach malagoThe IOC awarded an important recognition to the President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò. President Bach appointed him member of the "Public Affairs and Sport Social Development" committee (previously known as "International Relations"), which is chaired by Italian IOC member Mario Pescante. Malagò is included for the first time in a commission of the International Olympic Committee. Among the other committees, the notable confirmation of Franco Carraro as Chairman of the "Olympic Program" and the task of "permanent observer of the IOC in the United Nations" to Mario Pescante.


Four assignments were entrusted to Francesco Ricci Bitti who was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Olympic Channel", in its "Olympic Channel" committee, as well as in Marketing and in the "Rio 2016 Coordination Committee". Ottavio Cinquanta will be part of the "Pyeongchang 2018 Coordination Committee" and the Marketing committee. Among the other Italian members: Raffaele Pagnozzi in "Olympic Solidarity", Ivo Ferriani in "Sustainability and Legacy", Bruno Grandi and Raffaele Chiulli in "Active Sport and Society" and Franco Ascani in the "Olympic Culture and Heritage".