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A week of activities to mark the 50th anniversary of the School of Sport

save the date 1A special milestone, a remarkable encapsulation of an enlightening journey, able to write a part of history. The School of Sport turns fifty. It was back in 1966 when the President of CONI, Giulio Onesti, set up an institution that, over the years, has been able to bring prestige to the Italian movement, laying the foundations for a tradition that has become a source of pride and an example throughout the world.

Onesti, convinced that the development of Italian sport could only be done through education and culture, created the structure that provided the training of Masters of Sport and, in later years, the specialisation and updating of coaches and many professional figures operating in the world of sport, as well as contributing to the progress of studies and research, with the aim to use the results of various scientific disciplines in the field of sport.

There have been many champions who have attended and are attending the School as students and as teachers, in order to follow a model of sporting excellence, including coaches, researchers, scientists, professionals, educators and scholars who have all contributed to the growth of this institution. The School of Sport is celebrating together with all of them this glorious milestone with a week of activities that reflect the vocation for study, research, reflection and transmission of knowledge that has always distinguished it.

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