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ANTIDOPING: Giuseppe Baldelli (Athletics) found positive, tomorrow hearing by the Prosecutor's Office for refusing blood check

FORO10CONI informs that following the analysis carried out by Rome Laboratory a positive doping case has been ascertained. In the first sample analyzed, the presence of Nesp (darbepoetin alfa), betamethasone, anastrozole, testosterone and its non-endogenous metabolites has been detected in relation to Giuseppe Baldelli, member of the Italian Light Athletics Federation, in an in-competition check arranged on the 16th of 2014 in Corciano (Perugia) by the CONI-NADO Antidoping Checks Committee during the Corcianese half-marathon.
Tha Anti-doping Prosecutor's Office has requested the summoning of the athlete tomorrow the 29th of April at 12 pm by its seat, concerning the breach of article 2.3 of the Antidoping Sport Regulations for refusing to undergo the blood check during that sport event.

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