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National Council communication

02 crThe 235th CONI National Council has gathered today at 3:00 pm at the Foro Italico, in order ro debate the following work schedule:

1)    Approval of the minutes of the 11th of June 2014 meeting: the minutes have been approved unanimously.

2)    President communications: the President has opened the works appointing the Gold Star (Stella d'Oro) to Andrea Gios, new FISG President, and greeting the new heads of sport justice authority, Franco Frattini, President of the Disciplinary Board, and Enrico Castaldi, new General Sport Prosecutor.Next, the protagonists of the agonistic world passed away in the last month have been greeted and at the same time the relevant results obtained in the same period have been remembered. Malagò have then dealt with the subject of Sport Credit, while waiting for the appointment of the top management: he has restated his appreciation for Giancarlo Abete's behaviour, calm and dignified, after the elimination of Italy in the World Football Championships in Brazil, underlining how CONI – after his resignation – is asking for a widely shared solution about the new presidency. The designation of Ugo Claudio Martelli as Hockey Federation Commissioner has been therefore made official at the National Council, after the resignation by Luca Di Mauro. Then, the forming of a commission about the study of the reforms to carry out has been announced, in order to razionalize the organization of the federations and associated sport disciplines, following a cost containment policy. Recently, the 2013 data related to antidoping have been presented: Italy is fifth in the world as far as antidoping controls and positivity cases is concerned, CONI invests two millions per year for such activities.

Malagò has then announced the formal ending of motor literacy, underlining the undeferrable necessity of a new interaction with the school world , using the 10 millions allocated annually in order to study a new format that will be called "Sport di classe" ("Class sport"). The President has also informed the Council that the potentials of the new logo are at the centre of fruitful merchandising activities which have already started. In addition, the focus on the outline law, where the reform of law 91 is foreseen, has been reaffirmed. In September, finally, potential news about the Olympic application of Italy will be discussed, even after the necessary in-depth analysis with the Government. Malagò has confirmed CONI great effort in such direction and also for the covering of the Tennis Centrale Stadium, so that it can become mutifunctional and can be used throughout the year. The President has then presented the remodulation of CONI budget and small modifications in order to implement the new sport justice code, embracing also a few suggestons and advices by the Federations, still within the empowerment independency of the Authority. Waiting for the next events (tomorrow the Open Day related to the High Specialization Olympic Management course and the presentation by CONI of the document "Lo sport in Italia. Numeri e contesto" ("Sport in Italy. Numbers and context"), in collaboration with Istat on Thursday), today Nanjing 2014 team lead by the standard bearer Aurora Tognetti has been presented. The communications have ended with the ammouncement of a few regulatory modifications related to the sport merits and with the presentation of CONI new website: the graphic and content restyling focuses on the sport events.

3)    FNS-DSA-EPS activities: the following resolutions have been approved; 1) Italian Hockey Federation commissioning (Ugo Claudio Matteoli, who is the new Commissioner, abstained) 2) Modifications of the Sport Justice Code 3) Modification of sport justice principles 4) Regulation of the organization and functioning of the General Sport Prosecutor's Office (the last three resolutions approved with Giancarlo Abete's and Paolo Barelli's opposition vote).

4)    Administrative affairs and 2013 CONI balance sheet: the first remodulation of the annual budget related to 2014 CONI management has been approved unanimously.

5)    Miscellaneous: the following speakers have intervened on the various subjects: Riccardo Agabio (Gymnastics), Ugo Salines (Sport Promotion Authorities Representant), Andrea Mancino (Associated Sport Disciplines Representant), Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Orazio Arancio (Technical Representant), Paolo Sesti (Motorcycling), Vincenzo Manco (Sport Promotion Authorities Representant), Ugo Claudio Matteoli (Game fishing), Antonio Urso (Weightlifting), Giancarlo Abete (Football), Mauro Checcoli (Meritorious Associations), Luigi Musacchia (Sport Promotion Authorities Representant), Carlo Magri (Volleyball), Paolo Barelli (Swimming), Riccardo Fraccari (Baseball), Franco Frattini (Disciplinary Board President), Enrico Cataldi (General Prosecutor).

Having no other decision to adopt, the Council has ended its works at 5:15 pm

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