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CONI and Fastweb supporting the Italia Team at the Tokyo Olympics together


The Italian National Olympic Committee and Fastweb have announced an agreement that sees the telecommunications company as the Main Partner of CONI and the Italia Team at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 23rd July to 8th August 2021. (Photo Mezzelani GMT Sport)

Through this partnership, Fastweb will follow and support Italian athletes and their sporting achievements in various disciplines. An articulated communication campaign, which will accompany the Italia Team and all Italians towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, will tell the story of the common values between the company and Olympic sport.

A pioneer in the development of fibre networks, and always at the forefront of the country's digitalisation, today Fastweb continues to draw on its innovative history with the forthcoming deployment of a 5G mobile and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) network to help make the country even more successful and competitive.

The relationship between Fastweb and sport has always been strong and based on shared values and visions. Speed and performance have always been goals that the company shares with Italian sport, which it has supported and promoted by focusing on athletes who represent the most challenging disciplines:  from Valentino Rossi and the Frecce Tricolori in the past, to the present with Filippo Tortu, the national 100-metre sprint record holder and one of the best sprinters in the world, the Farfalle, the national rhythmic gymnastics team that has excelled in all competitions for over 15 years, and Simona Quadrella, the young Italian swimming star, the reigning Italian record holder and world champion in the 1500 freestyle and vice-champion in the 800, as well as winner of three gold medals at the recent 2019 European Championships in Glasgow.

They are leading figures who represent the passion and future of Italian sporting excellence, supported and accompanied by Fastweb on their paths towards the Olympic dream. This sporting investment seeks to provide concrete support to our young athletes, as well as to the promotion of Sistema Italia, both nationally and internationally. 

“This partnership with CONI expresses Fastweb's support for the universal values that sport represents. Courage, teamwork and dedication are principles that we find in sport and which reflect the company’s values: Care, Courage, Sustainability,” said Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb. “We are therefore proud to stand with the team of Italian athletes on their journey towards the Tokyo Olympic dream and to support them in their preparation for the Olympic challenges”.

“We are proud to link the name and tradition of CONI to a great, constantly-growing company like Fastweb,” added the President of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò. “We are talking about two organisations that were immediately on the same wavelength and were able to develop a project built on the basis of original and ambitious ideas by sharing our common values. We are also proud of the choice of Alessia Maurelli, Simona Quadarella and Filippo Tortu as ambassadors, exceptional athletes who know how to express the best features of our movement. We feel that our affinity with Fastweb and its active participation in the path that characterises our activity, with the hope that this union will endure for a long time, will help us all in achieving increasingly-ambitious goals”.

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