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CONI: Communication of the National Board

FORO1At the Foro Italico the 1034th meeting of CONI National Board has taken place this morning, having started its works with the approval of the minutes from the last meeting of the 8th of April. In his communications President Malagò has reported about the facts happened on Saturday night during the Italian Cup final between Naples and Fiorentina and of the following institutional meetings with Prefect and Police commissioner. On this subject there has been a wide and deep discussion in which all the Board members have taken part, stigmatizing and condemning what happened while waiting to know about the activity of the enquiring authorities in charge. A proposal to the National Council has been approved about the quota of extra-EU athletes for 2014. The total has been reduced to 1190 units, 125 less than in 2013 with 1315. The Board has been updated then about the qualifications to the Youth Olympics Games in Nanjing in 2014 while Vice Secretary Carlo Mornati has reported about his visit in Rio of last week which had the aim of choosing the location of the CONI Headquarters in 2016.  The Special Commissioner of Equestrial Sports Federation Gianfranco RivĂ  has intervened, exposing the situation of this federation. After a deep analysis it has been determined to postpone the compulsory administration until the 30th of November with the commitment to approve the 2012 budget during the next Board meeting, the 2013 budget in the following one and to approve the statutory modifications as well as the completion of the debt restructuring plan between September and October.

CONI balance sheet of 2013 has been illustrated and will be brought to approvement tomorrow at the National Council. The budget shows substantially a break even (+1,5 mln Euros). The value of production is equivalent to 438 mln Euros, of which the main components are represented by State resources (419 mln Euros, + 3 mlns compared to 2012), by funds which are addressed to the primary school project (4,6 mln Euros), by funds received by the foundation for the reciprocity of professional team sports (4.6 mln Euros), by commercial incomes (3.8 mln Euros) and by income on a local level (5.4 mln Euros). The production costs, 436.6 mln Euros, have been allocated mainly to the national sport federations, more than 300 mln Euros (about 69% of the total costs of production), of which 256 mln Euros as direct contributions and 45 mln Euros as services provided by Coni Servizi SpA in the frame of its service contract; on this regard, the direct contributions to the national sport federations report, compared to 2012, an increase of about 14 mln Euros (+6%) and confronted with the past are more distributed on single federations, considering that the value of the previous period included also the awards for the Olympics medals (about 7 mln Euros), as well as the contribution of 10 mln Euros concentrated on just 2 federations as per law. The other components of the production costs are represented by contributions for the other bodies funded (22 mln Euros), by the quota of the service contract related to the activities performed by the company on behalf of CONI (56.4 mln Euros,13% of production costs), by the amounts allocated to the State as VAT and compliant with public spending control norms (24 mln Euros, 6% of productions costs), as well as by the costs sustained by the Territorial Structures of CONI (21.5 mln Euros, 5% of production costs).


Finally, a series of petitions has been presented to the Board. After examining a long series of other organizative and administrative issues and having expressed its resolutions, the Board has ended its works at 1:35 pm.




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