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CONI: Seminar on "the cross-disciplinary nature of strength in sports training" in collaboration with the FIPE

1The seminar on "the cross-disciplinary nature of strength in sports training" took place today at the Acqua Acetosa sport centre. It was organised by the Olympic Training and Sports Association, with the support of the FIPE [Italian Weightlifting Federation]. The meeting was attended by 42 trainers representing 24 Federations, including the Olympic speed skating champion in Turin 2006, Enrico Fabris, in his new role as coach of National team members, along with former relay pursuit teammates, Donagrandi and Matteo Anesi. The proceedings were opened by the Deputy Secretary of the National Olympic Committee of Italy, Carlo Mornati, and Coni Servizi CEO, Alberto Miglietta.

The seminar programme, which provided theoretical and practical sessions, was designed in collaboration with the FIPE and coordinated by the Chairman Antonio Urso. Also invited was Mr Vincenzo Canali, who presented the importance of postural arrangements to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries due to excess loads. The Neurophysiologist Mr Menotti Calvani, in his keynote lecture, spoke instead of strength from the point of view of Neuroscience, emphasising the importance of vitamin D in its development.

The seminar proved popular among the participants, who also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas relevant to the development of their disciplines. Participants who requested it were issued with a Level 1 weight training certificate. The next meeting with the Federal Technical Director will take place on the occasion of the International Coaches Festival in Rome, from 31 October to 2 November 2014.‚Äč

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