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Press release from the National Council

lottomaticamezzelanigmt22 crThe 253rd INOC National Council met this morning at 10.00am in the Hall of Honour at the Foro Italico to discuss the following agenda:


1) Approval of minutes from meetings of 10 and 11 May 2017: unanimously approved.


2) President’s announcements: Malagò opened proceedings by commemorating the figures of the sporting world that we have lost in the past month, contextually emphasising the important results achieved by the Italian national teams during that period. The President then celebrated the unforgettable day we experienced yesterday, with the first, historic visit by a head of state to INOC, thanks to the affinity shown once again by Mattarella. The event, planned for the last 2 years, managed to involve all the major players in the sporting world, and the President of the Republic reiterated the importance of the movement for the growth of the country, as a fantastic social and economic lever, a reflection of Italy, saying that he was proud of the excellence that the movement can express. The day of celebration of the presence of, among others, Minister of Sport Luca Lotti, also confirmed the generosity of relations with the institutions, further enhanced by the announcement of an additional fund of 100 million euros for the “Sports and Suburbs” fund. On the subject of relations with the government, there was also mention of the definition of the structure of the Cortina 2021 Committee with the investiture of Alessandro Benetton, according to a shared process to ensure significant impact.

Malagò then announced to the Council the co-opting of Giovanni Pellielo as Athlete Representative, after the resignation of Raffaello Leonardo, then going on to address the issue of the relationship between INOC – through INOC Services – and the Federations, thanks to the joint ventures related to international events, advocating the possibility of widening the range of synergies with other companies to organise new events. Regarding Tokyo 2020, there was discussion of the important changes introduced by the IOC at the Olympic programme level, with the revolution regarding the entry of new specialities and formats - in many cases referring to mixed-gender events - without altering the number of participating athletes, thereby undermining the share of the existing disciplines. 

Federations section: after the appointment of the Executive – now ratified by the Council - of Alberto Miglietta as Commissioner of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation – the President informed the assembly of the developments relating to the IAeC - the Federation overseen by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – that on Saturday reelected Leoni as President, despite his having been suspended by the Guarantor of the Code of Conduct in Sports. In terms of nominations, in addition to Zoeggeler vying to join the IOC Athletes Commission, the process of Milan’s bid to host the 2019 session of the International Olympic Committee was formally completed, and the assembly was reminded that in July – in Lausanne – the possibility of assigning the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games simultaneously will be discussed. Malagò then talked about the establishment of the working group for the speech on the uniformity of rules and regulations, under the constant supervision of the Supervisory College, and the working group for Sports Justice, also informing the establishment of the new fiscal commission. The President closed his speech by conveying the regards of the head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, to the National Council.

There were speeches on the report and on other issues from: Giovanni Petrucci (Basketball), Mario Pescante (IOC Member), Sabatino Aracu (Wheeled Sports), Franco Chimenti (Golf).


3) F.S.N .- D.S.A. - E.P.S. activities: Administration by an external commissioner of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation: the appointment of Alberto Miglietta was ratified. Having nothing else to pass, the Council closed proceedings at 11.35.

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