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European Championship, overwhelming victory by Settebello

Matteo-AicardiTrainer Sandro Campagna's Italy has taken 15 minutes to manage the tough and impudent team of Georgia. Then, once the countermeasures have been found, the Settebello team has advanced and obtained the third consecutive victory at the European Water Polo Championships in Budapest. The Italian team has won at the end 15-5 against Jovan Popovic's athletes who, on the contrary, after three matches find themselves at 0 points. The most important moments of the match have been the central sections of the game, which Giorgetti and the other teammates have won 5-1, opening an unrecoverable gap fort the transcaucasian players.

Excellent match by Matteo Aicardi and Niccolo Figari, three goals for each of them, and as usual an extraordinary Stefano Tempesti. The Italian captain has opposed the attack of the rivals with the usual class. Eight players available to CT Campagna have scored a goal. Saturday the 19th big match against Ranko Perovic's Montenegro.

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