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GIULIO ONESTI Foundation: until the 31st of May a survey will take place to appoint the 2014 award to two Olympic athletes in the year of CONI centenary

19048-giulio-onesti-img-logo MEDIUMOn the 14th of April the Directive Council of Giulio Onesti Foundation, headed by Franco Carraro, has approved in agreement with CONI to appoint the Giulio Onesti 2014 award to two athletes, a man and a woman, who will be selected among the olympian athletes still alive, who will thus become the symbolic Olympic champions of the CONI centenary. The designation will take place through a voting composed for 60% by athletes and for the remaining 40% by supporters and amateurs. The first ones will be Olympics and Paraolympics athletes still alive to whom a survey will be submitted, while the second ones will form a sort of popular jury expressing through the websites of three Italian sport newspapers, Corriere dello Sport, Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport, and those of RAI and Sky, which have broadcasted the Olympic Games throughout the years. The survey and the vote will start on the 5th of May and will finish on the 31st of May. The award ceremony will take place during the celebration of CONI 100th anniversary.‚Äč

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