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Italia Team dominates in Oran 2022. Mornati, 'growth of tricolour sport confirmed'


Italy dominates the medals table at Oran 2022. On the day the curtain falls on the 19thᵃ edition of the Mediterranean Games, it is time for a balance sheet at Casa Italia. They were outlined by the CONI Secretary General, Carlo Mornati, the Head of Mission, Giampiero Pastore, and one of the Deputy Heads of Mission, Alessio Palombi.
The numbers smile on the Azzurri, who, with 159 medals (48 gold, 50 silver and 61 bronze), improve the result of Tarragona 2018 by three podiums.
'The Mediterranean Games in Oran confirm the escalation of improvements in Italian sport seen at the Olympics and the Winter Olympics,' Mornati pointed out. The positive trend is now not news anymore, which is an incredible confidence boost for us.

The Italian team led by the women - who brought home 25 of the 48 victories (52.08%) - won three more golds than Turkey, second in the medals table at the 3-ring event hosted by the Algerian city.
'The competition with Turkey for the top medal was exciting. It spiced up the event,' continued the Secretary. ‘We finished in front of a nation that has invested a lot for these Games and was packed with naturalised athletes, especially in swimming’.

'The Azzurri took part in 224 competitions, with 360 athletes, and Italy medalled with 20 of the 21 federations present. The results of Oran are in line with our expectations,' Pastore pointed out, 'we knew that Tarragona could be improved: the hope, in view of Taranto 2026, is that the next Games will fit into a smoother schedule'.

Mornati then thanked the entire Italian Mission and the Algerian Organising Committee: 'It was not an easy job. The Games were the first event experienced post-pandemic, with full stadiums and arenas. The public was particularly generous towards the Italian athletes'.

But CONI also wins with Casa Italia, not only a hospitality house appreciated all over the world - in the one set up in Oran, 2150 people passed through in 10 days, including athletes and guests - proving that the format works. 'It will be replicated, with Casa Italia Collection, at the upcoming European multi-sport championships in Munich. A Casa Italia is increasingly a media factory, with content produced for media and social (over 1,000 pieces of content, with organic growth of the fanbase of 8.7% and over 6 million unique users). Oran 2022 also experienced a boom on the CONI OTT platform, which, with Italia Team Tv, broadcast the entire event exclusively and, for the first time in the Committee's history, live streaming. 'We don't want to replace anyone, but we filled the desire for a sport that was there, broadcasting more than 250 hours of live coverage, totalling 500,000 views, 70,000 unique contacts, 55,000 viewing hours: important numbers. A winning Italy and CONI, in all respects. (foto Pagliaricci CONI)

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