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Italy looks down on everyone: first on the medals table for the 5th consecutive time. 159 podiums, better than Tarragona 2018

ORAN 2022

Italy dominates the medals table at Oran 2022. For the fifth time in a row since Almeria 2005, the Italian team climbs the top step of the medals table at the Mediterranean Games, confirming its position in the edition that will close tomorrow in Algeria.

In Oran, the Italian team collected 159 medals (48 golds, 50 silvers and 61 bronzes), improving by three podiums the result of Tarragona 2018, but above all winning three golds more than Turkey, second in the medals table of the 3-ring event hosted by the Algerian city. Women-led Italy brought home 25 of the 48 victories (52.08%).

But confirming Italy's leadership among Mediterranean countries are the numbers: out of 19 editions held, the Italian team has excelled 14 times. And in four years, it will try to make the most of the field factor in Taranto 2026. Because the Mediterranean Sea is Mare Nostrum.

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