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Malagò in Montecitorio at the conference "The economic impact of sport in Italy". The CONI-ISTAT working table is ready

20625-20623-phoca thumb l 16 LARGE MEDIUMToday, CONI President Giovanni Malagò has taken part in a conference on "The economic impact of sport in Italy" at the Chamber of Deputies, together with the President of Budgetary Control Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Francesco Boccia, and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli.

Malagò has pictured the present moment of Italian sport, trying to broaden the perspective which must not be limited to the world of football. "There is a will to attack the issues, but it is not quite right to identify football with sport in general. There are two Italian girls winning Wimbledon, the girls winning the Clay Pigeon Shooting World Championship, an Italian is yellow jersey at the Tour de France." About the law related to facilities: "For about thirty years we have been thinking about making money without building, today the whole sport system is taking its toll. A law has passed that a few presidents did not like, but the best has been done: this law guarantees definite times, but it must be given opportunities to those who have the competences. Differently from Germany, we have a 1,5-2% easily reachable, but we have a disastrous situation from the point of view of infrastructures, there is the world of school and then the issue of the elder. 41% of boys between 11 and 15 years stops practising sport. For each percentage point we have recuperated, the State earns 200 milions of Euros." Francesco Boccia, President of the Budgetary Control Commission by the Chamber of Deputies, has faced this subject starting from the law about stadiums: "The force Juventus has had throughout these years against bureaucracy in order to build the new stadium is the proof to how in Italy the legislator has the duty to change the rules, not everybody can wait for so long. We want to allow the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to know thoroughly the social value of sport."

Social and economic value, at the center of Andrea Agnelli's intervention: "Sport is an extraordinary means of union. Juventus stadium alone is not useful to make Italian football competitive, Udinese and Sassuolo deserve an acclamation. Calculating the incidence of the agonistic movement in Italy is the first step. Germany has 3,3% of its PIL and the 4,8% of the workforce. These are numbers that deserve attention and not only being at the sixth or seventh place of a global analysis of the Culture Commission." In the course of the conference General Director of CONI Servizi Michele Uva has then presented the CONI-ISTAT working table with the collaboration of the Chamber of Deputies, which has the aim to develop the first research of the economic impact of sport in Italy, also as a starting point in order to plan any legislative initiative.

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