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Milano Cortina 2026, Confindustria Lombardia and Veneto together for the Italian Games


Synergy and the best of the industrial, creative and sporting excellence of the two regions that alone produce over 30% of the national GDP in view of the 2026 Winter Olympics: this is the objective of the two Memoranda of Understanding signed by Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, Confindustria Lombardia, Confindustria Veneto, Assolombarda, Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio and Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti.

The protocols, in force until July 2026, establish a collaboration aimed at spreading and promoting the opportunities arising from participation in the selection of products, services and supplies called by the Foundation to ensure that the Olympic event is an efficient and effective success.

“I have always maintained that synergy between territories was one of the winning keys to the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games,” explains Giovanni Malagò, President of the Foundation. “These Memoranda of Understanding with the two Confindustrie of Lombardy and Veneto represent a confirmation of how much the business world is at the side of this great innovative and sustainable project, which is capable of revamping the world’s view of Italy”.

“The agreements we announce today show that the Milano Cortina Games cannot wait until 2026 and must begin immediately,” says Vincenzo Novari, CEO of the Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026. “Our challenge is to organise a great global sporting event by enhancing local excellence within a framework of economic, environmental and social sustainability, all without straining people's pockets. It is an unmissable development opportunity for the Olympic territories and a showcase for the whole country: we will show that, in addition to creativity and genius, we are able to put in place a solid culture of innovation and impeccable organisation. The two protocols are not only an invitation to companies in Lombardy and Veneto to become key members of the Games as partners - they also represent a good practice to replicate, a model to motivate all the economic energies that, in Italy, can give and receive value while embracing this wonderful Olympic adventure”.

“The Milano Cortina Olympics can represent a great opportunity for Lombardy to grow and develop, to modernise technology and to make the most of our territories while also adapting the necessary infrastructure. Lombard companies are able to meet Olympic requirements with excellent supplies in all sectors, from technical equipment to the goods and skills needed, as well as with regards to the infrastructure and security of Olympic competitions. This would provide further evidence of the strength of Made in Italy throughout the world, as well as testify to the quality and varied manufacturing capacity of our region, with important effects also in terms of economic impact for all our territories,” said Marco Bonometti, President of Confindustria Lombardia.

Enrico Carraro, Chairman of Confindustria Veneto, says, “Today we are beginning an Olympic journey, thanks to which our territory will be able to count on real investments, initiate new synergies, share skills and benefit from great visibility. We must be good at promoting and optimising all the opportunities that these major events can trigger. The platform that we are creating with this protocol aims to facilitate direct contact between the Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 and the Veneto production system so that our companies are not merely spectators but can participate concretely in the organisation of the Winter Olympics by providing goods and services that have an added value”.

The territories that will host the Olympic competitions will play a key role in the preparation and development of the Olympic event, and this role in the medium term could be a strategic driver of growth and development.

“The English call it a call to action, we call it an invitation to action, but the meaning doesn't change. The Milano Cortina Olympics,” explains Alessandro Spada, President of Assolombarda, “represents a driving force of enormous opportunity, an accelerator that our companies are ready to push all the way, a call, for our companies, to participate, with their expertise and excellence, their products and services, of a global event. It's a path towards the Olympics that allows us to enhance and further exploit the enormous multisectorial nature of our territories and our excellence”.

“The assignment of the 2026 Winter Olympics to our territories was the result of teamwork, and this is the path on which we must continue in view of the appointment; we must give space to collaborations and synergy across the board to organise an unforgettable Olympics and maximise its impact. The signed protocol is part of this logic and will support the businesses of our provinces, not only those in the tourism sector, but also the manufacturing and service providers, in linking the many opportunities related to the preparation and management of the event, turning it into an accelerator of growth. In this regard, let us not forget that we are also facing a unique opportunity to deal with the nerve centre of infrastructures: strengthening them is an objective that not only the territory, but the country, cannot afford to miss,” comments the President of Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio, Lorenzo Riva.

“The protocol signed between the Foundation and the Confindustria is strategic for our companies: transparency and maximum involvement of the territory are the key points of this agreement, which aims to build a future of integrated and sustainable development,” says Lorraine Berton, president of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti. “The Olympics, for the residents of Belluno, are not an end, but rather the means to keep the best energies on the territory, to give certainty to the youths and establish a serious organisation. In all this, the business world - which in our province has always made a difference - must continue to have a voice. Not only our companies, being familiar with the territory, know where, when and how to act in the best way with respect and a great sense of social responsibility. In the Table established by the protocol, we will act as a link with our companies: today, more than ever, and also as a result of the crisis triggered by Covid, entrepreneurs cannot miss any opportunity for growth. Involving local businesses is good for the territory. This is the only way we can really grow together.”

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