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Naples hosts Committee meeting for the first time. Meeting statement

giuntaconimezzelanigmt027The 1054th meeting of the CONI National Committee was held in Naples for the first time, and took place in the Sala Italia at Castel dell'Ovo. The meeting was opened by Luigi de Magistris, Mayor of Naples (accompanied by councillor Ciro Borriello) who extended a welcome on behalf of the city and handed the flag of Naples over to President Malagò. Lucia Fortini, Councillor for Sport in the Campania region, then gave a few words. The formal part of the meeting came to an end and the Committee started proceedings by approving the minutes of the previous meeting of 3 November. In his statements, President Malagò (photo credit: Mezzelani-GMT) updated the Committee on recent legislation regarding sport, in particular the entry into force of the decree on defibrillators on 1 January 2017. Malagò also spoke about his participation in the European Olympic Committee meeting in Minsk and the World Olympic Committee meeting in Doha. The President then announced that under-17s footballer Francesco Pipoli from Foggia will receive the CONI Ciro Esposito study grant because "while he was on track to score, he stopped to allow a member of the opposing team who was lying injured on the ground to receive treatment".


Regarding the next Committee meeting, the new calendar leading up to the CONI elections was announced. The next Committee meeting will take place in Rome on 2 December (dedicated to allocating funds to National Sports Federations), while the first meeting of 2017 will be held in Genoa at the Palazzo della Regione Liguria on 17 January. Fulvio Bonavitacola, Vice-President of the Campania Region, then spoke on behalf of Governor De Luca. At the request of Romolo Rizzoli, President of the Italian Bowls Federation, Massimo Proto was appointed as acting Commissioner in order to amend the federal statute in view of the Federal Elective Assembly. After addressing a long list of other organisational and administrative issues, and having taken the relevant resolutions, the Committee called an end to proceedings at 13:15.

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