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National Board communication

FORO1The 1,028th meeting of the CONI National Board was held this morning at the Foro Italico. It began its work by approving the minutes of the previous meeting on 16 September. In his communications, President Malagò began by talking about the contributions that the Government has reserved for CONI for 2015 with a reduction of 1.84%. He then appointed Carlo Mornati as a CONI representative within the Commission for the Mutuality Fund of football in the place of Michele Uva. The Board took note of the work of CONI’s Commission of athletes which has identified "Legends of Sport”, the 100 greatest athletes from the past. This list will be increased each year based on specific criteria, which does not allow, however, the inclusion of athletes that are still active. The Legends of sport will be remembered along the Viale delle Olimpiadi (Olympic Avenue) at the Foro Italico.

The Board then examined the details of the new model for allocating the contributions of the National Sports Federations. This was presented by the engineer Carlo Piccolo of the PMA, the advisor in charge of stating in economic terms the criteria established for the distribution of contributions to the Federations. In this respect, he was invited to participate in the work of the new president of the FIGC, Carlo Tavecchio. The new Olympic Club was then approved and a new list of Olympic hopefuls was launched and a new category of athletes and team sports was made ​​available to the Federations. The Board then approved the resolution on the allocation of the admissions of the athletes outside the EU by reducing the number from 1,315 to 1,190 units. They awarded three Collari d'Oro: the first to the memory of Alfredo Martini, the second to Giacomo Agostini and the third to Luca di Montezemolo. After reviewing a long list of other organisational and administrative matters, and having accepted the relevant resolutions, the Board concluded at 13:20 by adjourning the session to the afternoon after the National Council.

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