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National Board announcement

FORO1The Foro Italico hosted this morning the 1030th meeting of the CONI National Board, which began its work by approving the minutes of the previous meeting, held on November 18. President Malagò updated the Board on the recent contacts with the Government, also in relation to the candidacy of Rome as host for the 2024 Olympic Games. The Board approved. The President then proceeded to inform the Board about his telephone conversation with the IOC President, Thomas Bach, who delivered some important and significant words to him about the candidacy of Rome.


On the same subject, Malagò then informed the Board that he would meet the President of the Anti-Corruption Authority, Raffaele Cantone, in January. The Board also decided to carry out the regular Board meeting in the headquarters of the Italian Paralympic Committee in March, while in July, the Board meeting and the National Council meeting will be held within the EXPO in Milan. As a result of a long debate, the Board also extended the receivership of the Equestrian Sports and Field Hockey Federations for six additional months, while committing to carry out elections as soon as possible. After reviewing a long list of other organizational and administrative issues and taking relevant resolutions, the Board ended its work at 12:30.

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