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National Council Press Release

Malagò dicembre 2014The 248th CONI National Council met today at 3 pm at the Foro Italico to discuss the following agenda:


1) Verbal approval of the meeting of 06 September 2016: The minutes were approved unanimously.


2) The President's statements: Malagò opened proceedings, awarding the Stelle d’Oro for sporting merit to newly elected Renato Di Napoli (President of FITET [Italian Table Tennis Federation]) and Francesco Ettorre (President of FIV [Italian Sailing Federation]) and to Ivo Ferriani (new member of the IOC), thanking, on behalf of the whole movement, Bruno Grandi, who announced he would not run again for President of the International Federation of Gymnastics, for the fruitful efforts made at national and international level. The final statement from Rio 2016 allowed the findings on the visibility of the Italian Team brand to be applauded, thanks to excellent collaboration with sponsors which made it possible to enhance social media activities through the launch of a new recognisable identity. Malagò then stated that, according to decisions made by the Committee, the Italian Paralympic Committee will become an autonomous and formally independent body as of next year.

He then spoke about the "Sport and Suburbs" plan. It is obviously necessary to assess the issue of the earthquake zone: Malagò spoke of visits to Amatrice, Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto, stressing that the projects in the pipeline were subject to change according to the changing scenario.

The main changes proposed to the Antidoping Regulations were then announced, which will enter into force on 1 January 2017, with a statement from NADO ITALY, national organisation and signatory of the WADA Code, which is autonomous from CONI. It was announced that the deadline for presenting the National Sports Federations 2017 budget will be extended to 31 January 2017, in addition to the new availability to be allocated to Federations (EUR 250,000 to winners of medals in Rio, EUR 175,000 to the two Winter Olympic Federations, 150,000 to Olympic Federations and 100,000 to non-Olympic Federations), thanks to additional amounts resulting from CONI's excellent management of resources and the outstanding results of its marketing activities.

Also participating on the report were: Ugo Claudio Matteoli, Luciano Rossi, Giuseppe Leoni, Riccardo Agabio, Siro Zanella, Angelo Binaghi, Romolo Rizzoli, Andrea Mancino, Gianni Medugno, Bruno Molea, Vincenzo Manco, Ugo Salines, Luigi Musacchia. Alberto De Nigro, Chairman of the Board of Auditors, was also present.


3) FSN-DSA-EPS activities: Resolutions relating to the Special Administration of the Italian Dance Sport Federation were passed unanimously, with Giovanni Costantino appointed Commissioner and Carlo Mornati and Alvio La Face appointed Vice-Commissioners. Resolutions relating to the application in 2016 of transitional provisions in the Regulations of Sports Promotion Bodies were also passed unanimously.   

5) Administrative affairs and CONI budget: The Committee then approved the 2nd remodelling of the 2016 Budget (with only one vote against cast by Siro Zanella, Squash), which assigned, among others, more resources to National Sports Federations based on results achieved in competitions throughout the year and prizes were allocated for winners of Paralympic medals in Rio. Following the Committee's approval, the Council approved the CONI budget for 2017 (with only one vote against cast by Siro Zanella, Squash), which shows a break-even financial result. Funds awarded by the State for 2017 are essentially in line with 2016 (411.6 million, including grants of 4.5 million for organising certain international sporting events in Italy). Compared to the previous year, the budget does not include project details and recurring features which are resource-intensive, as was the case in 2016 with the Rio games. Like for like, 2017 shows greater availability of resources, mainly allocated to the development of National Sports Federations sports programmes. Funds awarded to other funded bodies (Associate Sports Disciplines, Sports Promotion Bodies, Italian Armed Forces, Meritorious Associations, etc.) are in line with historical data, for the ordinary/recurring aspects, just as the value of the payment for the service contract with Coni Servizi SpA is in line with the value in the initial budget for 2016.

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