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Olympic candidature now official

RomaCONI cr1The candidature of Rome to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 was officialised today at the meeting that took place in Campidoglio, Rome, with the participation of Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome, Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI, Luca Montezemolo, President of the Committee for the promotion of the Rome 2024 Olympics, Luca Pancalli, President of the Paralympic Committee, Giovanni Caudo, the City Councillor responsible for Urban Planning and Claudia Bugno, General Coordinator of the Rome 2024 Olympic Committee.


During the meeting, everybody shared the need to identify the priorities and the features of the organisation of the sporting event, to fully embrace the amazing opportunity to develop and improve the city.


On this occasion, it was confirmed as feasible to place the Olympic village in the area of Tor Vergata, where new sport facilities will be built and the existing ones will be completed. An operation that will require the creation of an underground connection between the area and the rest of the city. The Olympics must be the opportunity to bring forth a new vision of the city, rooted in history and in the regeneration of what is in existence, with urban transformation projects starting from the development of a Tiber river park just north of Rome, which will become the gateway for “Olympic Rome”, for the enjoyment of the whole city.

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