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Oran 2022 passes the baton to Taranto 2026, and Italia Team greets Algeria with a haul of medals


Algeria says goodbye to the Mediterranean Games and passes the baton to Italy. At the Olympic Stadium in Oran, the scene of the closing ceremony, the curtain falls on the 19thᵃ edition of the Games, with Algeria opening the parade and Italy entering the top ranks, with athletes from football, swimming, handball, volleyball, fencing and taekwondo.

After the athletes' parade, unusually without flag bearers, it is time for the handover between Oran 2022 and Taranto 2026.
The Tricolour is raised, Mameli's anthem resounds, and images of the Apulian city begin a preview of what will be in four years.

Then the blue flag of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games was lowered and passed from the hands of the President of the CIJM, Davide Tizzano, to those of the mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci.
It was then the turn of the speeches by the President of the Organising Committee, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, the Algerian Prime Minister, Aymen Benabderrahmane, and Tizzano, who spoke in Arabic. This is how Algeria greets the Games.

Italy bids farewell with a smile, dominating the Oran 2022 medal race. For the fifth time in a row since Almeria 2005, the Italian team climbs the top step of the medals table at the Mediterranean Games. In Oran, the Italian team collected 159 medals (48 golds, 50 silvers and 61 bronzes), improving by three podiums the result of Tarragona 2018, but above all winning three more golds than Turkey, second in the medals table of the 3-ring event.

Tomorrow, the Azzurri will return to Italy with a haul of medals and the flag of an event once again being hosted in Italy after 29 years. It will be up to Apulia to organise the event in the best possible way. On the other hand, Italia Team has the task of excelling in the Mediterranean that, 14 editions out of 19, has been confirmed as the Mare Nostrum. (foto Ferraro-Pagliaricci CONI)

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