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Raffaella Masciadri and Kelum Asanka Perera appointed President and Vice President of the Athletes' Commission

01 ZC 162004ok1 crThe National Athletes' Commission gathered today in the Sala Giunta to elect its highest authorities. The first official act of the new four-year turn has been attended by CONI's President Giovanni Malagò, General Secretary Roberto Fabbricini, Vice General Secretary and Olympic Preparation Manager Carlo Mornati, Vice President Alessandra Sensini along with IOC members Ivo Ferriani and Manuela Di Centa (honorary member), former President of the Athletes' Commission Marco Durante and former Vice President Raffaello Leonardo, who was yesterday appointed as President of NADO ITALIA's Drug Test Commission. 
The Commission, chaired on the occasion by Alessandra Sensini, has appointed Raffaella Masciadri as President and Kelum Asanka Perera as Vice President for the next four years. Contextually, it has co-opted Armin Zoeggeler as IOC member among the athletes. The election has been attended by National Council representatives Margherita Granbassi, Raffaella Masciadri, Giovanni Pellielo, Kelum Asanka Perera, Giulia Quintavalle, Silvia Salis and Mara Santangelo, along with Alessandra Sensini and Roberto Cammarelle, members of the executive Committee.
Present at the meeting also were the 4 coaching representatives of the National Council Lorenzo Bernardi, Emanuela Maccarani, Daniela Isetti and Orazio Arancio. Throughout the afternoon, it has been decided to create a specific Coaching Commission which, pending the following official acts, has elected Orazio Arancio as President.
Malago underlined the credit given to the athletes during its Presidency - a tendency that has been recently confirmed with the election of Alessandra Sensini as Vice President of the Organisation, and has again emphasized the importance of the role played by "these amazing prominent figures in terms of athletic and Italian excellence all over the world", wishing that the members of the category could become, through an appropriate training program, key figures for the senior positions of the movement. 

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