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SPORT@EXPO2015: great performance of the Italian national water polo team (Settebello) against Spain in front of Capri's cliffs

capriwaterpolomezzelanigmt14The male water polo Italian national team, led by coach Sandro Campagna, faced Spain in the basin of Marina Piccola in Capri, winning 18-12. In front of the cliffs, the Italian team played this friendly match in the sea, thus participating in the events planned by the Prime Minister's Office and by CONI in occasion of Expo2015, on the theme "Nutrition and sport: teamwork!"


The Project includes another two events of utmost prestige: Wednesday 9 September, beginning at 8:00 pm, in the evocative backdrop of Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, the female volleyball match between the national teams of Italy and Azerbaijan will take place, while on Friday 18 September, at 9:30 pm, in Taormina, in the historic Ancient Greek Theatre, Italy will face the Rest of the World in a fencing competition, a unique challenge in a setting reminiscent of distant times. For the time being, the competition in Capri was particularly evocative. Spain was the first to score, with Barroso, a few minutes after the starting whistle.  In the counter-attack, however, Aicardi immediately equalised the score. The score was increased by Mora and Giorgietti, but remained nevertheless balanced. It was then Di Fulvio who brought Italy back in the lead. A penalty on both sides did not change the situation: Carrillo and Giorgietti score, bringing the overall score to 4-3 for Italy. Thereafter, two Spanish goals closed the first set of the game with a 4-5 advantage for the visiting team.


Spain increased the lead at the beginning of the second set, but Di Fulvio reduced the distance and Luongo, stronger in numbers, equalised the game once more (6-6), while Aicardi brought the Italian team back on the lead (7-6), all in the space of two minutes. Malarach scored his third goal, but it was Gallo who then maintained the distance (8-7), scoring a penalty that ended the second set with Italy leading by 9-7, even if Giorgietti in the last seconds could have followed suite already from the five-meter line (penalty), but the crossbar denied him the satisfaction of a goal. The third set opened with the goal by Valentino Gallo (10-7). In goal, Tempesti gave his place to Vassallo. On the other side, Aicardi got the score to 11-7. Tiredness became perceivable and some long distance throws were imprecise. However, Gallo did not make a mistake and defined the maximum Italian advantage (12-7). Spain unblocked herself after a penalty and then with setter Carrillo (12-9).  Alex Giorgietti this time did not miss the penalty (13-9). Then Aicardi's lob shot increased the advantage of the Italian team (14-9).  The Italian team then went wild with Renzuto and Baraldi's goals. The third set closed with a score of 16-9 for the Italian team.


Spain scored again at the opening of the game's last set. And then it repeated this twice, outnumbering the Italian team (16-12). The Italian team woke up again with Luongo (17-12). Outnumbering the Spanish, Giorgietti reached the Spanish goal, scoring the last goal of the match (18-12).


ITALY-SPAIN 18-12 (4-5, 5-2, 7-2, 2-3)

Italy: 1 Tempesti, 2 Di Fulvio, 3 Renzuto, 4 Marziali, 5 Giorgetti, 6 Fondelli, 7 Giacoppo, 8 Gallo, 9 Gitto, 10 Luongo, 11 Aicardi, 12 Baraldi, 13 Vassallo. Coach Campagna.

Spain: 1 Aguilar, 2 Bach, 3 Mora, 4 Alarcon, 5 Bustos, 6 Carrillo, 7 Barroso, 8 Flores, 9 Gutierrez, 10 De Lera, 11 Mallarach, 12 Lloret. Coach Hernandez.

Referees: Gomez from Naples and Calabrò from Macerata Campana.

Goals: first  set 1'42" Barroso, 2'01" Aicardi, 2'38" Mora, 3'08" Renzuto left-handed, 4'47" Di Fulvio, 5'12" Carrillo penalty, 5'33" Giorgetti penalty, 5'58" Alarcon, 6'34" Mallarach.

Second set 0'56" Mallarach left-handed, 2'14" Di Fulvio left-handed, 3'29" Luongo left-handed, 4'07 Aicardi, 5'06" Mallarach, 6'16" Gallo left-handed, 7'36" Gallo penalty

Third set 1'26" Gallo, 2'22 Aicardi, 3'52 Gallo, 4'09" Mallarach, 4'59 Lloret, 5'22 Giorgetti penalty, 6'01" Aicardi, 6'49" Renzuto, 7'57" Baraldi.

Fourth set 0'46" Lloret, 1'30" Mallarach left-handed, 2'58" Lloret, 3'33" Luongo, 7'10 Giorgetti.

Notes: in the second set Giorgietti misses a penalty

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