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Statement from the National Committee

FORO1This morning the 1051st meeting of the CONI National Committee was held at the Foro Italico, where proceedings began to approve the minutes of the meeting concerning the previous meeting on 17th July. In its statements, President Malagò congratulated new Committee member Ivo Ferriani on being elected as an IOC member during the Rio de Janeiro meeting. The President also commented on the positive and encouraging results obtained by Italy at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The entire Committee congratulated the team and the Head of the Delegation, Carlo Mornati, who produced his report. Malagò then moved on to update the Committee on Rome's 2024 bid in anticipation of the upcoming meeting with the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. Two institutional commitments were formalised: the start of the school year, on Monday 19th September in Sondrio with some athletes and medallists from Rio taking part; the flag handover ceremony by the bearers Federica Pellegrini and Martina Caironi alongside all the Olympic and Paralympic medallists scheduled for 12pm 28th September at the Quirinal. For the very first time, athletes who came fourth will also be invited to attend.


The Committee then heard the findings from CONI's legal office that reported the details of the latest developments concerning Federnuoto. The Committee took note that, given the ruling of the Administrative Court that has postponed the discussion of the appeal to 11th October, those who have cases pending with CONI pursuant to article 25, paragraph 7 of the FIN statute are not eligible to attend the September 10th meeting. With regard to Federugby, President Malagò clarified that the approval of the budget, on the agenda of the Federal Council for 15th September, is an indispensable condition for holding the Elective Assembly scheduled for 17th September. Concerning President Barelli's resignation from the Committee, the Committee proposed to the National Council the co-option pursuant to article 7, paragraph 8 of the CONI statute of President Renato Di Rocco, the first of the non-elected in the elective National Council of 19th February 2013. The "3rd CONI Kinder + Sport Trophy" was presented and is set to take place in Cagliari from 22nd to 24th September. Sardinia will see over 3,500 athletes take part, all aged from 10 to 14 years of age representing 33 sports federations and eight sports. The occasion will also mark the first time that the National Committee has convened in Sardinia. The meeting is scheduled to take place in Cagliari at 9am 23rd September. Finally, the decision to convey the resolution to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers regarding the presentation of the Multi-year Plan of actions regarding resources from the "Sport and Suburbs" fund was approved. After reviewing a long list of other organisational and administrative issues, and having taken the relevant resolutions, the Committee called an end to proceedings at 1.20 p.m.


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