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Statement from the National Council

consigliomezzelanigmt134The 236th CONI National Council met this afternoon at 14:30 at Foro Italico to discuss the following agenda:

1) Approval of the minutes of meeting held on July 15th, 2014: the minutes were approved unanimously.

2) Communications by the President: President Malagò opened the meeting by welcoming the establishment in the Council of Carlo Tavecchio, new FIGC President, and Luciano Serafica, new FISW President. A special thanks went to Michele Uva for the commitment shown as DG of Coni Servizi, before switching to the FIGC in the same office.

The President then welcomed the credibility given by the Government to the policy of CONI, the most obvious evidence being the minor funding cutback for the body under the Stability Law.

The Council was then informed about the new economic contributions system to the Association: in the past months, a committee made up of 12 federal Presidents had established new criteria for the funding distribution. Malagò also emphasized that a proper intervention was mandatory in order to balance the accounts while trying to avoid disparities through percentage limit increase for Olympic and non-Olympic Federations. He also added that there is an engagement with FIGC for an integration of the current contributive parameter.

Malagò expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the Italian sports "Walk of Fame", made possible thanks to the work of CONI Athletes' Commission in identifying the 100 names of retired athletes: the foundation stone will soon be laid on Via delle Olimpiadi in Parco del Foro Italico.

Malagò ended his speech with two other important communications: the reduction of non-EU athletes by 125 units, and the Mass of the Athletes that will be held on December 19th in St. Peter, with subsequent audience of a delegation with the Pope. Upon concluding, the President unveiled the first CONI sustainability report, underlining its importance.

Numerous representatives of Sports Federations and Associated Disciplines and Sports Promotion Institutions intervened on said report.

3) F.S.N-D.S.A-E.P.S activities: the following resolutions were approved: 1) Model of CONI Contributions Allocation to the Sports Federations for the year 2015; 2) Alteration to the Fundamental Principles of the Statutes of the National Sports Federations and Associate Sports Disciplines, item 6 on the assembly principles. 3) Annual entry limit for non-EU foreign athletes set in 1190 units for the 2014-2015 season. 4) Approval of amendments to the Rules of Sport Promotion Institutions.

5) Following today's approval from the Board, the National Council approved the second 2014 CONI budget restructuring, which includes cost savings / efficiencies on a number of management areas, reallocated to provide more support to the projects of the National Sports Federations through the allocation of specific additional contributions for the activities of High Level Olympic Training.

6) Simultaneously with the second 2014 BDG restructuring, and again following today's approval from the Board, the Council approved CONI budget for the year 2015 with a situation of substantial break-even. State contributions show a slight decrease from the previous year (-7.6 €/mil., 2%). The Council concluded its work at 17:30.

CONI sustainability report 2013


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