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The Rome 2024 Olympic dream is now online


colosseo1 copiaFrom today, Rome’s vision for hosting the 2024 Olympic Games is online. The teaser version of the website gives the world the first taste of Rome’s exciting plans to deliver the greatest festival of sport.

The website includes a new video which emphasises the beauty and culture of this ancient city. In the film, petals carry the audience on a journey through Rome, flying gracefully over the most beautiful corners of the city, revealing monuments such as the Colisseum, sports facilities and green spaces. The film also deliberately focuses on children - the generation who will become the star Olympic athletes of 2024. These are at the heart of our mission to bring the Olympic Games to Rome for the first time since 1960.

The site also offers the first elements of Rome 2024’s vision, which begins with a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

And Rome believes in it. The city’s dream, explained in the vision, is articulated between the desire to give the world an Olympic Games that revives the values ​​of friendship between peoples and that tears down old and new walls and boundaries throwing a bridge to peace.

The dream is also to give today's children a great celebration in their own home; to offer a magical stage and the unparalleled beauty and art of Rome to the Games and, finally, to forge new champions and athletes who will write the history of the games. The time is now.  

Because, to quote Mattie JT Stepanek: "Although the future seems far away, it actually starts right now."

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