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Walk of Fame opened in Rome: 100 plaques to celebrate Italian sports legends

mezzelanigmt27The legend lives on in the pleased gazes of the champions, leading actors of a never-ending splendor, and is reflected in the awe-struck smiles of the admiring fans, flocked to attend an inauguration surrounded by the heady scent of immortal glory. A unique snapshot, which overlaps different eras, intersecting them in a fulfilling osmosis that perfectly conveys a sense of infinity. Today, the curtain has raised on the "Walk of Fame" of Italian sport: 100 names embedded in dedicated celebratory tiles, a path paved with "stars" which extends from Viale delle Olimpiadi to Stadio Olimpico, a street museum that has to be admired while walking, all in one go. Unforgettable triumph, invincible athletes, and immortal emotions: myths that wrote a special and beautiful story and gave prestige to the country, in that Italy that is synonymous with excellence. One hundred timeless champion, chosen upon the exclusive decision of the CONI Athletes Commission chaired by Marco Durante. Viale delle Olimpiadi is full of those athletes, some are represented by their family members, and many others came to cheer: the most beautiful part of a movement that has always excited Italians.


The President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò, inaugurated the Walk of Fame with a sincere emphasis. "It's a special moment, the best occasion for anyone involved in sport. We did what was right: we wanted to celebrate the ones who wrote history. A hundred names, chosen by the athletes themselves, a list that will be expanded with the names of those who will continue to make our country great and proud. It was our duty, and I want to say thank you to these great champions, of which we will remember the deeds by walking on this historic, Olympic avenue". The President stressed that the victories of Pietro Mennea in Moscow and Federica Pellegrini in Beijing are his most "symbolic moments" in the 101 years of activity of CONI.


Marco Durante, President of the Commission that drafted the list of champions, further amplified that concept. "This is an important day to celebrate sport. We are sorry for the disputes related to our choices, but we wanted to remember not only champions and victories, but also people and values. We also realized an app dedicated to the Walk of Fame and available for download from the official website of CONI: with this app you will be able to discover the triumphs and the biographies of these 100 myths which really left an indelible mark."


Alberto Tomba and Sara Simeoni ideally led the group of the legends: they are the athletes of the century, who received the award during the celebrations for the centenary of CONI; they are the spiritual standard-bearers of a homogeneous delegation that knows no distinctions, beyond all ages. Just like the quintessence of sport, a universal language than oversteps any difference. One hundred plates in strict birth order: from Giorgio Trissino (riding) to Domenico Fioravanti (swimming) history can be caressed forever. The athletics is the most represented discipline, with 12 champions, followed by cycling (seven athletes), fencing and football (both with five athletes) for a total of 31 disciplines. A memorable day held in the presence of several members of the Executive and the National Council, the CIO member Mario Pescante, the presidents of various Federations and Associate Sports Disciplines, and the executives of CONI and CONI Servizi. A big party to celebrate a never-ending walk in history.

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